Mabel's Blunder
1914-10-14 Mabel Normand
Those Love Pangs
1914-10-10 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
The Schlieffen Plan
1914-10-04 -
Ned Med Vaabnene
1914-09-18 Holger-Madsen
The Rounders
1914-09-07 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
His New Profession
1914-08-31 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
The Oubliette
1914-08-14 Charles Giblyn
The Face on the Barroom Floor
1914-08-10 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
The Property Man
1914-08-01 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
By the Sun's Rays
1914-07-21 Charles Giblyn
Mabel's Married Life
1914-06-20 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
Her Friend the Bandit
1914-06-04 Charles Chaplin Mabel Normand Charlie Chaplin
Das Mirakel
1914-05-15 Cherry Kearton Max Reinhardt
Fantômas: The False Magistrate
1914-05-08 Louis Feuillade
Caught in the Rain
1914-05-04 Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
Silent Witnesses
1914-04-28 Yevgeni Bauer
1914-04-23 Alfred Machin
Twenty Minutes of Love
1914-04-20 Charles Chaplin Joseph Maddern Charlie Chaplin
Mabel at the Wheel
1914-04-18 Mack Sennett Mabel Normand
A Venetian Night
1914-04-15 Max Reinhardt
Pierre of the Plains
1914-04-11 -
The Star Boarder
1914-04-04 George Nichols
Daisy Doodad's Dial
1914-03-31 Laurence Trimble
The Perils of Pauline
1914-03-31 Louis J. Gasnier
The Mysterious X
1914-03-23 Benjamin Christensen
Expressens Mysterium
1914-03-15 Hjalmar Davidsen
Fantômas: Fantômas Against Fantômas
1914-03-13 Louis Feuillade
Child of the Big City
1914-03-05 Yevgeni Bauer