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People love movie trailers because it's their first chance to critique our most advanced level of storytelling. The lights dim. The curtain opens. Silence. It’s our first look at the new cape; the big dance; the gun; the Hail Mary; the chase; the biggest and baddest threat against mankind…

At MovieTrailer.io, we bring that theater experience to your browser with first look Movies, Series, News and People. We want our audience to be up-to-date on the freshest entertainment news, so you’ll know which actor is in which film and which groundbreaking director decided to take on the year’s best-selling novel adaptation. 

With our advanced video library, search by genre, title, actor and more to find the best trailers for you. Are you ready for the next David Fincher movie? Dying to see what Aaron Sorkin will write next? Looking forward to seeing Jack Nicholson on the big screen again? We are too. Make us your first stop for entertainment news and we'll make sure we never disappoint.

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