We Have Always Lived in the Castle
2018-09-22 Stacie Passon
Nappily Ever After
2018-09-21 Haifaa Al-Mansour
Life Itself
2018-09-21 Dan Fogelman
2018-09-21 Gareth Evans
2018-09-21 Wash Westmoreland
Assassination Nation
2018-09-21 Sam Levinson
Sharon 1.2.3.
2018-09-21 Mark Brown
2018-09-28 Karey Kirkpatrick Jason Reisig
Wrestling with Independence
2018-09-16 Ray Zombie
Shadow of a Gun
2018-09-16 Micah Van Hove
The Luring
2018-09-15 Christopher Wells
Black Mamba
2018-09-15 William Lee
The House with a Clock in Its Walls
2018-09-15 Eli Roth
Unbroken: Path to Redemption
2018-09-14 Harold Cronk
White Boy Rick
2018-09-14 Yann Demange
Love Sonia
2018-09-14 Tabrez Noorani
Another Time
2018-09-14 Thomas Hennessy
The Predator
2018-09-13 Shane Black
2018-09-13 Panos Cosmatos
A Simple Favor
2018-09-13 Paul Feig
Thunder Road
2018-09-12 Jim Cummings
2018-09-10 Austin Vesely
The Bad Seed
2018-09-09 Rob Lowe
Her Smell
2018-09-09 Alex Ross Perry
2018-09-07 Tim Sutton
Sierra Burgess Is a Loser
2018-09-07 Ian Samuels
Final Score
2018-09-07 Scott Mann
Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy
2018-09-06 Justin Kelly