The Spell of the Sand Painting
1927-01-01 Buntaro Futagawa Bansho Kanamori
The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars
1927-01-01 Maurice Gleize Marco de Gastyne
The Island of Despair
1926-12-27 Henry Edwards
The Cheerful Fraud
1926-12-27 William A. Seiter
Le Juif Errant
1926-12-24 Luitz-Morat
The Loves of Kačenka Strnadová
1926-12-24 Svatopluk Innemann
Unsere Emden
1926-12-22 Louis Ralph
1926-12-21 Rudolf Dworsky Rudolf Walther-Fein
The Fire Brigade
1926-12-20 William Nigh
The Naked Woman
1926-12-10 Léonce Perret
On the Front Page
1926-11-28 -
The Canadian
1926-11-27 William Beaudine
The Chinese Bungalow
1926-11-22 Sinclair Hill
Baldevins bryllup
1926-11-21 George Schnéevoigt
April Fool
1926-11-15 Nat Ross
The City
1926-11-14 Roy William Neill
Jim the Cracksman, the King of Thieves
1926-11-12 Pierre Colombier Roger Lion Nicolas Rimsky
Please Excuse Me
1926-11-09 Sam Newfield
A Filha do Advogado
1926-11-08 J. Soares
Raggedy Rose
1926-11-06 Richard Wallace
The Holy Mountain
1926-11-01 Arnold Fanck
The Clown
1926-10-30 A.W. Sandberg
So's Your Old Man
1926-10-25 Gregory La Cava
Der Student von Prag
1926-10-25 Henrik Galeen
Der Balletterzherzog. Ein Wiener Spiel von Tanz und Liebe
1926-10-19 Max Neufeld
West of Broadway
1926-10-18 Robert Thornby
1926-10-18 Jean Epstein
The Big Show
1926-10-15 George Terwilliger