2017-10-13 Dean Devlin
2017-10-13 Reginald Hudlin
Happy Death Day
2017-10-12 Christopher B. Landon
The Snowman
2017-10-12 Tomas Alfredson
2017-10-10 Elliott Lester
Dead Quiet
2017-10-08 Roze
The Florida Project
2017-10-07 Sean Baker
Brawl in Cell Block 99
2017-10-06 S. Craig Zahler
Better Watch Out
2017-10-06 Chris Peckover
2017-10-05 Susan Lacy
The Mountain Between Us
2017-10-05 Hany Abu-Assad
My Little Pony: The Movie
2017-10-05 Jayson Thiessen
Blade Runner 2049
2017-10-04 Denis Villeneuve
Korea Drama Awards 2017
2017-10-02 -
'Til Death Do Us Part
2017-09-29 Chris Stokes
Goodbye Christopher Robin
2017-09-29 Simon Curtis
Super Dark Times
2017-09-29 Kevin Phillips
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
2017-09-29 Peter Landesman
Sticky Notes
2017-09-28 Amanda Harlib
Jeepers Creepers 3
2017-09-26 Victor Salva
WWE No Mercy 2017
2017-09-24 Kevin Dunn
UFC Fight Night 117: Saint Preux vs. Okami
2017-09-23 -
Cult of Chucky
2017-09-23 Don Mancini
The Tiger Hunter
2017-09-22 Lena Khan
Happy Hunting
2017-09-22 Joe Dietsch Lucian Gibson Louie Gibson
2017-09-22 Kate Mulleavy Laura Mulleavy
Battle of the Sexes
2017-09-22 Jonathan Dayton Valerie Faris
2017-09-22 David Gordon Green